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Mistakes You're Making With Your Hair 3:3

This is the last blog of a three part series going over mistakes you're probably (innocently) making with your hair.

These are all common mistakes I've seen working behind the chair. Some are bigger deals than others. But all can be learned and fixed. Check out the list to see if you're unknowingly preventing your hair from thriving.

I've gone over some other common mistakes in my last blog, you can check it out here.

This blog is specifically for hair color.

Whether you spend time in the salon getting grays covered or you like to lighten your ends for a beachy blonde look, this blog will better help you understand what's best for your hair.

I'll start by saying this, showing up to your hair appointment with dirty hair is some old myth and while some hairstylists don't mind it, it's not necessarily advised. Any old product build up or grimy sebum at the scalp from dirty hair is just another layer for chemicals to break through to get to your hair. This isn't to stress about, typically, there's no real issue with coverage or lightening from dirty hair but it certainly doesn't aid in any way.

My best advice for your color appointment is to use a clarifying shampoo the day prior. This helps to remove any build up from the hair. And go ahead and get a deep conditioning treatment in for extra moisture if you're doing any highlighting / lightening.

This next tip is for my blondes. What you may not know is that over using purple shampoo / conditioner can cause your blonde do go dull. Overtime your hair may start to carry a lot of minerals from water as well as over deposits of pigment from purple shampoo / conditioner. My top tip is to consider getting a hard water treatment from time to time. This can be done in the salon and will help remove any hard water remnants or overly pigmented color and leave your blonde BRAND NEW.

These treatments should be followed up with a conditioning treatment or even a fresh toner. Your hairstylist can help you determine what's best for your specific hair situation.

My final tip is to ditch daily ponytails and or buns.

You want to avoid stressing the hair in the same spots day after day. This creates weak points around your hair and causes breakage. I see this often, especially on blondes.

You may not notice it, because most of the hair is pulled back. This means the breakage is done to the hair toward the back of the head.

You can get into low tension braids or ponytails or you can try silk scrunchies. Other ways to avoid creating weak spots in the hair is to change the position of your style. Instead of always pulling your hair into a high bun, try a low bun or two braids each going to the sides of your head. This way, you're avoiding daily tension in the same places in the hair, giving it a rest.

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Hope this helps!

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