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Color After Care

Hey beauty kween, your hair is currently on 100. Here's the ways you can keep it that way! Scroll on..

Fresh hair feels, I love that for you. Here's the steps to keep it almost as fresh as when you left the salon.

Pre Booking Appointments

Scheduling your maintenance appointments works as a reminder for you. Let the booking system send you a text when your next touch up is due. This allows you to live your life without the guess work of when you need another salon visit. On average, after a color service, you'll be back in the salon in three months. At this point, you may feel that your toner has faded with washing and your ends may need to be trimmed to avoid any split ends. This trim should just be a "dusting" which means you're just cleaning up any dry, or dead ends at the tips of your hair.

Product Investment

Most stylists do their research on professional hair care brands to carry within their salon. During coloring services, I recommend products specific for my guests hair. This is a time we chat about necessary products to splurge on versus extra hair goods that can be purchased only after the necessary products. Creating a custom hair care regimen is an important part of hair coloring. These products are used behind the chair so they've been tested on all hair types and textures, as a professional, we know what's going to work best for you.

Heat Styling

Hot tools do the smoothing as well as the heat damage. It's a dance between the perfect hair with hot tools vs frying your hair with heat. If you've invested in the best hair care products, there will be a make or break difference when it comes to heat styling. Using leave in conditioner is a must prior to any heat styling. Avoid over using hot tools by getting into heatless styles. This can be in the form of up styling such as braids, or my personal favorite thing to do is use hair accessories. Your hair will need a break from hot tools. Over use of heat styling can cause your hair color to fade and also cause a major depletion of moisture in the hair leading to frizz and damage. And there's simply no hair color that pairs nicely with dry, damaged hair.

These are tips you'll want to stick to. Unless, of course, your hair is doing ✨ just fine ✨ with your personal hair routine. For more tips, I'm always posting on IG. You can follow along there for even more insight on hair products. Or click here to visit my Amazon Store Front with all of my favorite hair products. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

As always, do what works for you. Just make sure it's working xx


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