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Mistakes You're Making With Your Hair 2:3

This is the second blog of a three part series going over mistakes you're probably (innocently) making with your hair.

These are all common mistakes I've seen working behind the chair. Some are bigger deals than others. But all can be learned and fixed. Check out the list to see if you're unknowingly preventing your hair from thriving.

I've gone over some other common mistakes in my last blog, you can check it out here.

This blog is getting into some common sense yet underrated points.

First one being...... the skipping of conditioner. If you don't use conditioner and your hair is extremely fine or overall in good health, obviously, continue living your best life without it. If your hair seems dry and you are, for whatever reason, not using conditioner every time you wash your hair, please..... invest in a good conditioner and use it after every wash.

I'll hear a lot of "it makes my hair greasy" or "it weighs my hair down." While these are very valid points, remember there's so many products to choose from. And you just may have not come across the best one for you.... yet.

Conditioner should be applied mids to ends unless it's the "soothing scalp" type. If you check out the websites of the brands you use, there's typically tips and instructions and also, very helpful, a chat screen on the page to ask questions from the brand itself.

Freshly shampooed hair needs some TLC right after, just like freshly cleansed skin needs moisturizer.

If you feel your current conditioner is weighing your hair down, remember:

- a little goes a long way

- avoid the scalp area (unless otherwise instructed)

- try the volume line in whichever brand you choose

Besides conditioner, a lot of people pass on deep conditioners as well. Face masks have become so popular and a hair mask should be done alongside it. A mask should be done, preferably weekly, but it varies on the condition of your hair.

If you get your hair highlighted / lightened at all, you definitely need a deep conditioning mask. If you don't color your hair at all, you may still need some extra hydration and you can replace your conditioner every other week with a deep conditioner for maximum moisture and protein replenishing.

And do you heat style your hair?

If so, masking should also be prioritized if you heat style your hair often. Your ends will be very thirsty after all that heat being applied. Quench your hair ladies! You'll thank yourself in the long run for the self love.

A lot of deep conditioners these days are quite easy too. You can apply these to towel dried hair after shampooing. Just brush through with a wide tooth comb or Wet Brush to ensure it's evenly saturated throughout all of your hair. It can range anywhere from 5 - 25 minutes and you will love the results!

Last but not least, detangle your hair in the shower. Simple and overlooked, you can save brushing once you're out of the shower if you detangle while you're still in. Just keep a Wet Brush close by and run it through while conditioner is in your hair. Being gentle when your hair is wet can save you from hair loss / breakage. You can even skip on buying detangler if you use your conditioner as one instead.

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