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Mistakes You're Making With Your Hair 1:3

This is a three part series blog going over mistakes you're probably (innocently) making with your hair.

These are all common mistakes I've seen working behind the chair. Some are bigger deals than others. But all can be learned and fixed. Check out the list to see if you're unknowingly preventing your hair from thriving.

A common mistake I see is... not using hot tools properly. This one goes hand in hand with thinking you can get away with not using a heat protectant when you heat style your hair.

Getting your blow dry on is everything! A fresh blow out makes every girl feel like a whole..... brand new person but don't end up with dry hair by improperly using your blow dryer. Yikes

You can let your hair air dry about 75% or you can rough dry it with the blow dryer. This just means you're removing the moisture instead of styling with the round/paddle brush. Once the hair is dried about 75-85% dry, you can start styling by sectioning the hair off and proceeding to round brush.

At this point, if you haven't already, your hair is ready for some heat protectant. Yes, you do need a heat protectant. Ensure you're using a good quality brand. With good products, a little goes a long way because it's all about quality over quantity.

Hair is pretty sensitive when it's wet. You can put too much stress on the hair if you try to style it without removing some of the moisture first. This is a very quick way to damage your hair, roots to ends. And doing this every time you blow dry will definitely land you with major damage and possible hair loss.

Try low heat settings before moving up to higher heat settings. Typically, you only need more heat if your hair is more course / thick. Also using proper hair product will help smooth out your hair without having to overuse heat.

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