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The Blonde Life

Find out what it takes to have the best blonde experience + my favorite products for this hair color. Scroll on.

First of all

Everyone should be blonde at least once in their life.

Or you don’t have to...

Here’s how the blonde journey begins:

  • do some research to find a good hairstylist (IG is so easy for this -- since nowadays, most stylists showcase their work this way) or one of your friends might have a good hairstylist you can try

  • pro tip: scheduling a blowdry / trim is a good way to get a feel for a potential new stylist

  • figure out a budget for your service + products

  • if you're not up for a lot of maintenance, stick to a highlight color closer to your natural hair color

  • keep your hair healthy prior to getting it lightened (you may need a good cut / nourishing mask added to your hair care regimen)

  • keep in mind that everyone's blonding journey differs and sometimes it takes a while to get the perfect blonde for you

  • once you've started your hair lightening services, be sure to ask your stylist what their recommendations are to keep your hair healthy & take their advice

Here’s a list of some of the maintenance:

  • health trims quarterly throughout the year (every 3 months)

  • ask your stylist for shampoo & conditioner recommendations

  • invest in a good hair mask & use it as recommended or weekly

  • schedule a toner before leaving the salon, this will remind you later on that it's time for a refresher

  • then schedule these about 5-8 weeks apart depending on your stylists reccomendatons

  • use silk scrunchies if you wear your hair up a lot -- switch up your pony or bun from day to day (high, low, mid) to avoid stressing your hair in one spot because this will cause breakage

  • use dry shampoo to avoid drying out your hair from over washing -- this also helps the tone of your blonde not fade as quickly

  • heat protectant isn't an option anymore, it never was but especially for a blonde

  • use a Wet Brush / wide tooth comb + detangler to avoid breakage

  • pro tip: if you're in the pool a lot, use leave in conditioner on your hair (dry) before diving in

Here’s some of my favorite products for blondes:

(Check out each brands website for reviews / tips about each product to get a better idea if its a good fit for your hair)

  • Moroccanoil Treatment Purple

  • Aluram Purple Hydrate and Repair Treatment

  • R + Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray

  • IGK Mixed Feelings

  • Slip Silk Pillowcase & Scrunchies

  • Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo

These products are available for purchase on my Store Front, click here to browse on Amazon. Products are listed under the category Blondes.

Personally I’ve never been high maintenance with my hair soooo.. this color really isn’t for everybody. But.. maybe just try a blonde wig. It’s fun :)


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