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Taking Care of Your Hair

The remedy for your hair blues and how to get out of a hair rut in under an hour. Scroll on

It's one of those things that's...

simple, but we don't do it.

Making time to take care of ourselves can seem nearly impossible. Especially for the hard workin', overly tired, time management struggling women out there. You just gotta do it. Because if you're not treating yourself, who will?

I've curated a menu full of treatments to help ease the stress of wondering what it is your hair is need of.

If you're still wondering exactly what it is that's stressing you out about your hair, Get In Touch!

These treatments are customizable and meant to be specific to your hair.

Some of the treatments are full services in themselves and some are add on treatments.

What is the purpose of a hair treatment?

Scheduling a hair treatment can provide a variety of benefits for your hair health and overall appearance. Whether you're looking to repair damaged hair, add moisture and shine, improve the texture and manageability of your hair, or simply indulge in some self-care and pampering, a hair treatment can help you achieve your desired results. Professional hair treatments can also help to protect your hair from environmental damage, such as sun exposure and pollution, and can prolong the life of your hair color. Additionally, regular hair treatments can promote hair growth and strengthen your hair follicles. So, whether you're seeking a deep conditioning treatment, a smoothing treatment, or a scalp treatment, scheduling a hair treatment can be a great way to keep your hair looking its best.

How to know if you need a hair treatment

Hair symptoms such as:

gummy feel (swimmers hair)

flaky scalp

constant brassiness

easily tangled

excessive hair loss

lacking shine, dull

scalp inflammation or irritation

brittle or dry ends

itchy scalp

sudden loss of volume

What causes the symptoms?

The symptoms can be caused by a variety of things like hard water, hair product buildup, heat styling etc. Think of a treatment as exfoliation / intense moisturizer.

Pairing the two together will give you the best result because you’re cleansing the hair so well that it gets rid of any buildup or minerals from hard water and thennnn, adding an intense moisturizer that penetrates further than your everyday conditioner. I mean, you wouldn't exfoliate and not moisturize, amirite?!

Full disclosure: Sometimes your hair is in major need of some TLC and you’ll need to add this service to a haircut appointment. Or you can get one of these services done at any time on it’s own.

How to know what treatment to get done

Part of my job will be to help you determine the custom treatment for you.

It can be difficult for you to know exactly what you need done, so you give me the symptoms and I’ll figure out the custom treatment for you!

How often should treatments be done?

The best hair would require weekly or biweekly treatments. This is why I’ve created some treatments as add on services.

You can come in strictly for the treatment and no blow dry / cut / style. (Great if you want to be in and out in 30 minutes or less) Or you can truly treat yourself from time to time and get a full service treatment done with a haircut or blow dry.

Keep in mind: Some of these treatments can be done at home, so I can prep an at home treatment regimen if you're interested in that as well.

Visit my Amazon Store Front to find some of these treatments to do at home.

Have it your way, I’m ready to get your hair in the best shape!


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