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Welcome: The Palms Blog

I've created a space where I can go more in depth about *all of the things* Palms related. In this blog post I'll share more insight about what to expect here. Keep on scrollin' to learn more.

What's this all about?

Well, as my guests know, I'm a total over sharer when it comes to all things hair. This is a really natural way for me to give more clarity on certain topics I talk about behind the chair and on my social media posts. As a licensed hair professional, I find educating to be one of the most important parts of my job.

What you'll find here

These posts will relate to you whether you're an existing client or someone considering scheduling an appointment. This is my version of going live on IG / posting to YouTube. It'll all be personal opinion and from my experience in the beauty industry.

  • In depth hair tips to refer back to after services

  • Professional opinion on the reality of hair color maintenance

  • Answered questions about all things hair

  • Hair product insight & recommendations

  • My service descriptions + why they're important

  • Real life hair scenarios from my experience behind the chair

  • All of this + more from a licensed hair professional to the person out there who's just trying to learn a thing or two about their hair

Either way, stay tuned.


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