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Brunette Essentials

Everything you need for that brown hair to thrive!

You may have dark hair already and added in some lighter brown shades or your natural color is just living its best brunette life. Although your hair may seem lower maintenance than being blonde, per say, it could still use some TLC.

Don't let your beautiful natural brown color go dull or dry.

Save it with quarterly trims through out the year. This is a great starting point. Not only to avoid split ends from heat damage or daily hair stressors, but also to keep your self care in check.

You can check in with your hairstylist every few months for a slight trim or if you take great care of your hair at home, you could even go a little longer before you need a cut.

Your hairstylist can also recommend the best at home hair care for your color and over all hair health to thrive in between visits.

Oh and did you know that your hair strands can also be filled with minerals and product residue....

Certain shampoos and conditioners make a huge difference in keeping product build up from dulling out your hair color. Product / mineral build up from water can prevent deep conditioners or hair oils from penetrating (doing their job.)

Speaking of build up, you can keep some clarifying shampoo in the shower to use as needed if you're in the pool a lot or if you use a lot of hair product.

Once the build up is removed, you can use a hydrating deep conditioner treatment and should see a major difference.

You really can't forget to use heat protectant when heat styling, this is important and I cannot stress this enough. Your hair can go from healthy to not in just a matter of weeks from heat styling without heat protection. This can be any heat shield leave in conditioner like:

Fekkai Super Strength Protein Powerbond Mist

Unite Hair 7 Seconds Leave In Oribe Invisible Defense Spray

Moroccanoil's All in One Leave-in Conditioner

Color Wow's Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused Leave In Treatment Eleven Australia Detangle Leave In

IGK Good Behavior Spray (Fine Hair)

IGK Good Behavior Balm (Thick Hair)

Using a Wet Brush to evenly distribute deep conditioner while in the shower will help deal with tangles. Once you're getting ready to let your hair air dry or blow dry it, you may not even need to brush it. Even if you do, having a Wet Brush is good at detangling your hair without ripping through your ends / causing breakage.

Naturally dark hair can look healthy with minimal effort. That healthy brunette look can easily cross into overly oily hair. We love a glossy brunette but a glossy root (when not going for a wet / sleek look) can be unappealing. The quick fix for that and also extending wash days, is of course, dry shampoo. I've been loving Unite's U Dry Clear Dry Shampoo or Moroccanoil's Dry Shampoo Dark Tones. No evidence it was used will be seen, unlike some super obvious and powdery types of dry shampoo.

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There you have it, essentials for brunettes!


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